Academie Specific Treatments 1 Ampoules Rougeurs Diffuses - Salon Product 10x3ml/0.1oz


Quick Overview

A calming facial treatment for sensitive skin.
Highly concentrated with active ingredients like horse chestnut cypress & lime tree.
Provides astringent anti-inflammatory & vaso-constricting properties.
Fights against blotchiness & minimizes redness.
Restores calm clear & soothed skin.
For professional use only.

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Académie Scientifique de Beauté’s company has been putting its experience at the service of beauty for more than one century. This family independent firm, heir to a long tradition of excellence and particularly attached to a 100% French production, has passed the soul of the brand from generation to generation.

Académie is universally recognized for its treating method according to skin types and their problems. Each skin care product of the brand is the result of an uncompromising scientific research in terms of quality and know-how set up by our “beauty artisans”.

As from the famous “Princesse des Crèmes” formulated in 1890 to the amazing “Formule Merveilleuse” scientific feat, the company has been surprising everyone worldwide since it was created.

The most prominent French actresses, such as Michèle Morgan, Marie Bell, Sim Viva, Marie Glory or even famous women at the court of Russia, have adopted Académie immediately.