OZNaturals Pro-Retaxinol 2.5™ Retinol Serum


This results-oriented formulation fights free radical sun damage as well as restores firmness, elasticity, and thickness to the skin. It is the only natural retinol serum that contains the super-antioxidant Astaxanthin, and is unsurpassed at delivering visible results without the irritation common to other retinol formulations. 

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Retinol one of the most widely tested and proven ingredients in skin care. It is also potentially the most powerful weapon in your anti-aging skincare arsenal to help fight fine lines.

What can a natural retinol serum do for your skin? Retinol acts like a sort of skin hypnotist, convincing it to behave like younger skin. When broken down into retinoic acid, retinol penetrates deeply into the skin and communicates with skin cells, helping them to become healthier.

By increasing cell turnover, regular use of retinol can:

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Improve skin texture
Decrease breakouts
Reduce pore size
Diminish brown or dark spots
Create luminosity and glow
Improve skin tone

You can experience the natural anti-aging power of this #1 dermatologist-recommended ingredient and achieve a more radiant, glowing complexion with OZNaturals ProRetaxinol Serum. This oil free anti-aging serum delivers a synergistic and unique blend of active ingredients to give your skin a healthier, younger, more radiant look. Combining retinol with hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, and other powerful ingredients will help your skin look its best yet.

As with all OZNaturals products, our ProRetaxinol Serum contains the highest concentration of natural and active ingredients possible and is fragrance-free.